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The Levellers were a political movement known during the English Civil War of the 17th Century. Comprising groups of Quakers and Puritans named after the rioters that levelled hedges during the enclosure act. The group later became conscientious objectors to Cromwell's New Model Army.
The growing descent formed a manifesto based on freedoms such as equality before the law and religious tolerance. It was called An Agreement of the People.
These mutineers did not achieve their aim. The leaders were executed outside Burford Church in Oxfordshire on the 17th May 1649.
On the nearest Saturday to the 17th of May Levellers Day has been held here every year since 1975. To commemorate this event and it has become an annual political platform for the outspoken.
In 1995 the lead singer of the then popular political folk band the Levellers, was invited to speak.
Mark Chadwick usually shied away from making speeches on the musical platform; rose and spoke these words, according to their biography written by Greg Berger.

Forgive me if I seem a little nervous, but the last time a leveller was invited to this churchyard, they were shot.
I have been asked to speak on the subject of civil rights. Not something I know a great deal of technical detail about- but I do know how to exercise them. As a bastard son of Albion, I was led to believe from an early age that I lived in a tolerant democracy – a free country. This misguided view didn't last too long, but I was still free at the time to express myself and my beliefs. It never occurred to me that one day I might have to defend them. In 1995 I find myself with no other option, because, this year I became a criminal under Section 5 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act. A number of my basic civil rights have been removed without the use of anaesthetic. This surgery which affects us all, not just the targeted deviants.
I have lost my right to silence.
I have lost my right to protest.
My right to travel.
My right to attend unsanctioned celebrations.
My right to a home.
I am a prisoner of someone else's conscience. Someone who has no idea of the reality of life in this country.
Now I'm not going into the whys and wherefores of this vicious piece of legislation, because its raison d’être is obvious: the final stage in closing off the land to the common people and getting us back into line. And our answer is: we simply won't be told what to do.
When we as an organisation became aware of this legislation, our immediate response was defiance – business as usual. We have since been in contact with a great number of other groups whose message is the same. We have all been fighting and will continue to fight this insane law by doing what we do best: living our lives according to our own consciences with consideration for those around us.
For myself, I am not interested in politics in any way. But when some outside force of so-called elected representatives start to legislate against me... I take it personally. There are many hundreds and thousands of people who take it personally too. You see it is not a crime to be different – it's a celebration. This act, like its conceiver is doomed. Doomed because at the end of the day it's an attempt to take away the land from the people who own it. This law may fence in sheep, but won't stop freeborn English men and women. We are neither surprised by nor afraid of, this pathetic attempt to limit us. As Gerard Winstanley pointed out in 1649, “freedom is the man that will turn the world upside down, No wonder he hath enemies!”
Well now we know who our enemies are. Thank you Michael Howard for uniting us against you. We shall celebrate our triumph in style, because we will win.” (Mark Chadwick)

So why mention it?

Firstly, I'm a fan of the band. Littering the text below are numerous song and album titles that I have added purely for my own amusement.
Secondly, it’s all kind of relevant, as there are more than government laws fencing us in. Denying our freedom and our future.

I can hardly call anyone regular readers of this site any more, since my last blog was so long ago.
So I decided to write another post. As it would be wrong to guarantee any regularity of posts to my soapbox ever again, I now choose to write each post as if it was to be my last.
Each trying to be a definitive post. A Zeitgeist if you will.

Having viewed several independently made documentaries recently, after speaking to people who are genuinely trying to make a better future for us all, and having been invited to help with a Second renaissance (which will be mentioned later on), how on earth could I refuse to help wake the world?

I don't know if you have all noticed that the world is in a terrible amount of debt....
Who to?
Since the existence of extraterrestrials has not been formally encountered yet, we can only assume we are in debt to ourselves. Or to the planet itself.
Every Pound, Dollar, Euro or any monies you happen to have in your pocket at the moment does not equate to anything tangible like gold and silver. It is debt, your debt, or someone else's debt.
The economy is fake, controlled by the world's centralised banks, who slowly pour more paper money into the system, devaluing the money you have been trading for time, work and effort.
This is done by inflating the price of tangible items and possibly reducing the size of beloved childhood confectionery, although I may not believe in Wagon Wheels that were once the size of your face. However we are all believers in money.

The economy is broken, it has no ecology. Its ecology is money and money in our world flows in one direction. To the banks. Nature has no banks, nothing saved over indefinitely, nothing permanent, just transient. Life takes its energy from the sun at its very foundations and as we, now, in the 21st century continue to consume the dead matter of Aeons past and pump its vile effluents into our atmosphere, we must remember that all of this has happened before.
(C. Brindley)

Right, Centre, Left, Blue, Red, Yellow or even Green. Politics has failed. Democracy as a system is failing because it's beholden to money. It has become poisoned by personalities and crony-ism.
You, the voters are squeezed into voting one way or another, usually about how much money you have in your wallet at the time you put pen to paper. (I don’t know if you wanted you or they, but you had a mixture in one sentence)

Last year the world rejoiced in the death of the supreme enemy of the planet. The most evil man in the world ever..... Osama Bin Laden.
What a beautiful day it was. He was on the run from the authorities appointed only by his enemies, for a crime...... Hang on! What did he actually do again?
Well initially I thought it was for flying passenger airliners into the World Trade Centre on the 11th September 2001. But those pilots were suicide pilots. Therefore perishing at the event for which they themselves were responsible.
There is now a lot of independent evidence to suggest that most of these terrible events that take place on the world stage are in fact, staged. By whom? Governments, banks, corporations, the mainstream media. Who knows the truth? Someone does, but not the likes of you and me.
Dictators fell (one through a trap door with a rope round his neck), countries were left unstable, hungry and robbed of resources. Countless thousands on both sides lost their lives on both sides for essentially another man's cause. Just to hunt one man. Just the one. Was he worth it? Was he truly that evil to warrant the events of an entire decade?
Is the war on terrorism over now because of his death? Do the people of the war torn nations dance like Ewoks at the end of Return of the Jedi? Of course not!
I don't know what you know about fictional super villains, but I know they are not harmed by little things like bullets that come out of a barrel of gun. Therefore Osama Bin Laden was not a super villain, and not worth that amount of bloodshed. I'm not saying that he was innocent. Some people call it justice. I say not in my name.

“This is the humbling moment of my life!”
I find it absolutely hilarious, that Microsoft Corporation have spend money to advertise its web browser which is essentially free to everyone on good old fashioned television.
The world is changing; these are the last days of winter. Mainstream media began it and now the robber barons of the world such as the Murdochs have let their enemy in through the front door. As they sit broken and tired in front of committees and inquiries still trying to offer pathetic sound bites to be dosed out to every man woman and child. Much worse is to publicly condemn the internet revolution. Possibly because this is true two way communication. Not the “I write, you read, I speak and you listen” ways of old.

Why should we work hard in jobs we hate to earn money that's worthless? To spend it on things we don't need and on someone else's world view that doesn't hold up to critical thinking.
To you, I am text on a page. I am not real. I am however, more real than the utter fantasy portrayed on the mainstream media where we can be certain of cliff-hangers and happy endings.
You are too real for the media to convey. So they make up stuff. Their idea of reality, are shows full of CCTV and corporate bitches teaching people to hold their smart phone like a twat.
A tip for all The Apprentice wannabes: if it’s on speaker phone you don't need to hold it to your chin. Come on. This is done for the benefit of the TV audience so they can hear the conversation. So to the normal person: if you are holding your phone to your face, you might as well hold it to your ear. Secondly, blue tooth headsets are a necessity when you are driving a car, not pushing a shopping trolley. Please sort out your priorities. It’s been a long time since I have actually laughed aloud at something that I have read but that tickled me a lot!
Last blog I talked briefly about a future of technology. Free from planned obsolescence.
It's nearly here in the form of business models like Google and other web based developments. With the advent of 3D printing. Copyrights will be impossible to enforce. So when more things are free, the true value of money becomes clearer. Moral choices of what is right and wrong to copy will be more pressing.

More people are getting online. Censored nations that are all ready online are breaking their fire-walled silence every day. New voices on the wind, new opinions, new ideas, new directions, and new friendships.

As a direct consequence of this new informational-ism, it has led some to theorise that mankind is on the verge of a second renaissance.
A beautiful, seamless, sustainable marriage of art, design, science, technology, people and the planet that they all dwell. Something’s not quite right here

I have been asked to help with content on an up and coming website. With a simple promise.

And I'm happy to be a part of something much larger for the future.

Truth is we all embrace technology. I have to say if you wish to spend money, one way is to think sustainably, research, understand what you need and buy technology that's hopefully on the border of being future proof if it isn't already. Something that compliments your ideas and voice not subscribes to someone else's.

Follow all your dreams. Employ critical thinking upon your dreams too. There is always the possibility you have made a mistake. However a greater prize awaits you if you are right. The world in which we live is amazing and the people in it are equally as fascinating. This is all something to Celebrate. (I left that one in as I thought it might be capitalised as it’s a song title – thanks Google)

Ideas are to be encouraged and to be questioned and criticised also. The Burford Stomp of yesteryear continues everyday and at every level of thought, any major paradigm shift is going to be a hard fight. What's in the way? The fear some people who want no change to occur, to benefit themselves, and the top rung of society puts pressure on the bottom rung at their own peril. Not sure if I have done it right here but it didn’t flow very well, but I wasn’t quite sure what you wanted to say

In conclusion money has failed, politics has failed. Do not fail yourself. We have been given the illusion of choice by the media. “No” is a choice too and is often overlooked and it is often more powerful than you think.
It will not be long before we are all talking, without diplomats.
Making laws without politicians.
Transferring resources without money.
Building, creating, travelling, heating and lighting without burning fossil fuels.
And finally before the end, the truth and lies of this world will be revealed for us all to see.

Sun is the lifeblood of our earth. The fossil fuels we burn are condensed sunlight. If anyone needed any further proof that solar is the best energy option we have ahead of us then fossil fuels are it. We worry about consuming our remaining reserves, burning the condensed energy entrapped by the biogeological processes that created them. Fear not the sun still shines. We must take our energy from the Sun. The Sun is the giver of life, the original deity, the fire of our imaginations, the light of the world, the definition of altruism, it gives without care or reward. It burns for no one and everyone and we ignore its free abundance in favour of raiding the Earth's larder. Our activities presently are tantamount to idiocy. Everyone knows the proverb “A fool eats his last potato, a wise man plants it”. Let's get planting! Commit to Solar. It's time for an ecology. An ecology of technology and humanity. If anything to man could be the one true God then it is the Sun. The Sun truly holds our fate in its clutches. (C. Brindley)

So until next time.
Welcome to tomorrow.